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DIY Training Center loves teaching homeowners the tricks of the trade to help them tackle home improvement projects of any size! Our in-person courses and one-on-one coaching provide homeowners with all the skills they need to master the art of "Do-It-Yourself."

Tackle Any Project Like A Pro!


We took the flooring and tiling course through this DIY centre. I recommend the courses. Much more knowledgeable than watching utube videos. We will be saving lots on doing our own basement renos. Thanks again!

Teresa Sand

I wasn't confident before coming here that I installed some dimmers at home correctly. However, after completing this class, I could install several and swap out switches & outlets without any issues. I'm looking forward to some other exciting classes, and I recommend this to everyone.

Brent Van Geertruy

Colin even stayed past the end of the class to ensure everyone got their questions answered. The hands-on part was a key component as well, as many people had never used power tools before, and the overall confidence level was SO much higher by the end! I'd definitely take another class here.

Tamara Araujo

Loved the training!! Would love to come again for more sessions!

Jaspreet Hayer

I originally signed up for the Maximizer Class but had to miss some of it due to a schedule conflict. Jackie and Colin were great to arrange it for me to make up what I missed. It's been great to participate with others because they ofter asked questions I hadn't thought of.

Dan Jones

My wife and I completed the Framing Walls session on May 22nd. It was exactly what we needed to begin our own basement building! Loved it! All our questions answered, we learned how to use some of the tools, some tips and tricks, and of course how to build walls! 10/10

Ricardo Peters

Tim was a great instructor. For an introductory level class, we got to try hands-on some of the most common power tools, which was exactly what I was hoping for. Class size was small (6 ladies) which was perfect. Would definitely take another class with Tim.

Meo Heo

I really enjoyed this class. It was a nice mix of a few of the most used tools, and some common jobs around the house that you can easily do yourself. The instructor was knowledgeable and a lot of fun. I'm looking forward to taking another class.

Sandra Sweet

Awesome homeschool class! My son really liked Bryan and learned a ton. We'll definitely be back for more classes.


My son recently took a class here and it was wonderful. From registration, to answering my questions and to the actual class it was a great experience. He loved the teacher and learning to use more power tools and created some great projects he was really proud of. Thanks so much!

Lindsay Cummings

Wonderful experience have more confidence to PLAN out for floors and tile and even baseboards.(never used Mitre Dual Bevel saw so angles were a bit challenging but practice makes perfect) Colin, Tim and Bryan have so much knowledge that they shared with us. Will def take more classes. 👍👍👍👍👍

Sandy Christen

I had a wonderful afternoon with Colin and fellow student, Monica. Colin is great! You never feel he is speaking down to you or your an air head. We went beyond the scope of the class to include table saws. I am a convert, I am just on sure what I should take next. Thanks so much Colin and Jackie!! 5 Stars in my estimation!

Julie Clayton

If you are even considering taking a course with the DIY training center. You absolutely should! I cannot recommend them enough, even if you’re more experienced there’s always some thing to learn tricks of the trade that the team at DIY can show you to make it much easier. We will be taking more classes.

Lisa Sierra

I was looking for some extra motivation and a confidence boots to continue an ongoing renovation. The Renovation Accelerator course was exactly what I needed. This was perfect to sharpen my skills. Highly recommend!!

Patrick Lanoue


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Get practical, professional step-by-step reno skills you'll take with you forever.

DIY Training Center specializes in helping homeowners learn a wide range of practical home improvement skills with its training facility and one-on-one coaching. From simple household maintenance to large renovation projects, we’ll teach you how to do it yourself.




Are you and a family member planning a renovation and you want to learn together?  We make learning affordable with one regular registration, sign up a 2nd person for half price! Purchase 2 of that product in your cart and add the discount code FAMILY in your checkout.

Extended family included.

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