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General Receptacles Installation

Empower yourself with the knowledge and abilities to easily replace old outlets, install new ones, and diagnose common issues.

Learn the basic skills you need to take on your DIY electrical projects.  Come to our classes to receive our no-nonsense guidance for practical homeowner’s electrical knowledge.  Nothing beats hands-on, instruction from expert instructors!  This class is designed to specifically meet the needs of homeowner’s and DIY’ers looking to increase their electrical skills to take on some of the simpler projects in their homes. 

This course priortizes safety, code compliance, and practical application. Here’s what you learn over this 1/2 day course:

  • Gain the skills and knowledge to feel confident to complete your home electrical project.
  • Tips and methods to confidently replace old outlet and install new ones.
  • All the necessary tools for planning your home electrical projects.
  • Course topics:
    • Identify the different types of electrical receptacles and their applications.
    • Understand basic electrical circuits and safety protocols.
    • Select appropriate tools and materials for receptacle installation and troubleshooting.
    • Properly install 15 Amp and 20 Amp receptacles.
    • Test receptacles for correct wiring and functionality.
    • Troubleshoot common receptacles issues like loose connections and tripped breakers.
    • Basement wiring including receptacles
    • Connecting a single pole switch
  • Most important, do’s and don’ts of homeowner’s electrical safety.

Are you looking to book all 4 of our 1/2 day electrical classes? Head over to our 2-Day Homeowner's Electrical class or our 1 day Wire Your Basement or Wire Your Home classes and book with HUGE SAVINGS!

Sign up today!  All tools and materials are supplied for each class at the training center. We recommend a Power Tools Starter class first if you are not yet confident with power tools or have never used them.

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Are you and a family member planning a renovation and you want to learn together?  We make learning affordable with one regular registration, sign up a 2nd person in the SAME class for half price! Follow these steps:

  • In the checkout, increase to 2 in the reserve # of spots field.
  • Add the name and email of the 2nd person
  • Use the FAMILY code in the discount code field and hit apply

Extended family included.

Cannot be combined with any other offer. Certain classes will indicate in the description where the FAMILY discount code is not allowed to be used. The FAMILY discount code is not allowed to be used in any other fashion than described above.