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Summer Fun: DIY Camps for Kids!

Summer Fun: DIY Camps for Kids!

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Hello DIY Families! 👋

🌞 As the school year winds down, it's time to think about summer plans. What better way to keep your kids engaged and learning than by enrolling them in our Handy KIDS Summer Camps? With options for both woodworking and home repairs, your children can gain practical skills while having loads of fun. And the best part?

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Sibling Harmony! Siblings of different ages can join together, making logistics easier for you and the experience more fun for them! 🎉


🛠️ Woodworking Camps

Unleash your child’s creativity with our woodworking camps. We offer two agespecific camps tailored to give each group the most enriching experience:

  • Ages 9-12: Perfect for younger kids ready to explore the basics of woodworking. They’ll learn to handle hand tools safely and complete exciting projects like bird feeders, small tables, and more.
  • Teens: Designed for teenagers, this camp dives deeper into woodworking skills with more complex projects and power tool instruction, ensuring they get a real hands-on experience.

Click here to see the woodworking schedule (9-12 years)

Click here to see the woodworking schedule (for TEENS)


🏠 Home Repair Camp 

Is your child fascinated by how things work? Our Home Repair Camp for TEENS offers them a chance to dive into the world of DIY home maintenance. From painting walls to assembling furniture and making simple drywall repairs, they’ll learn all the tricks of the trade.

Click here to see the home repair schedule and sign up!

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