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Terms of Use - Unlimited Passes

This unlimited class pass option was created for the DIY'ers to learn and experience as much as possible in our training centers at the best price imaginable. Pass holders will be encouraged to use it!  Please read through the following for the rules for the use of our all-inclusive passes:

Once purchased, the Pass will be associated to the Client's account and can then be used to register and attend any of the classes that are associated with the pass. Please see the product description for the full list.  Most classes are offered multiple times per month, but there are some classes that are offered bi-monthly only so ensure to book those classes accordingly when they are offered.  There are no extentions of the class pass if you miss registering for any classes in the time limit of the pass.

The pass is good for the duration of the number of months purchased from the date of when you register for your first class and then it expires.  No extentions allowed.  

Each pass is for the purchaser attending classes and is associated to their account only. There is no sharing of passes.  You may be asked for ID upon attending to ensure compliance with this rule.  If you are caught sharing your pass with others, the pass will be immediately revoked with no refunds.

There are no discount codes allowed on the purchase of an all-inclusive pass.  If you use any form of a discount code, you will be contacted.  The price of previously purchased classes cannot be used towards the purchase price of the Unlimited Pass.

Clients must register for every class they wish to attend and select the pass for payment. Step by step instructions will be shown on the registration email.

There are no walk-ins allowed, you must pre-register for every class that you want to attend.

There must be an available spot in the class for the registration process to allow the payment using the pass.

If the only person booked in a class is an Unlimited Pass Holder, the class will not run with only 1 individual and the client will be contacted to move their registration to another class time. There are no exceptions to this rule.

There is no cash value associated to this pass and clients have the ability to attend the number of classes that they wish to that are associated with this pass.  The client may attend the same class multiple times if they choose.

The number of credits showing on the client's account has no relevance -  it exists for back-end software system purposes only.

If the purchaser wishes for any type of refund at any time during the duration of the class pass, the DIY Training Center office will calculate the cost of the classes that the purchaser attended at the full price of the individual classes.  If there is any remaining balance, a refund will be issued.

Attendence rules are as follows:

The DIY Training Center happily accepts clients using this pass to come to the training center for a class as often as they wish.  It is very important and the client's responsibiity that they committ to attend every class that they register for as unreasonable rescheduling requests and no-shows will not be tolerated.  Rescheduling within 7 days of the start of a class is considered unreasonable.  

Rescheduling is considered a missed class and is allowed once per every 30 days.

A no-show to a class booked is considered a missed class and will count towards the one alloweable missed class per every 30 days.

The DIY Training Center considers a pass to be mis-used when the client has 2 or greater number of missed classes in any 30 day period and will revoke the client's unlimited pass.  The client will be notified through email and they will then be offered an opportunity to re-instate the pass by paying a $100 admin fee.  There are no refunds if the pass is deemed to be mis-used and no exceptions are provided to this rule.