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Start working on your dream kitchen & bathroom ideas

In addition to expanding our range of DIY learn to renovate classes, we are excited to announce our partnership with Canada Kitchens, a renowned manufacturer of ready-to-assemble cabinets. Through this collaboration, we are able to offer exclusive discounts on cabinets when you place your order with us. This is just one more way we're making it easier for you to achieve your affordable dream kitchen!

How to design your dream kitchen

All it takes is a little help to get you started

Solid Wood Face Frames

A top choice for when it comes to cabinetry. Known for its durability, strength, and resistance to scratches and dents.


The strongest of all joints. This interlocking design looks attractive and has a large glue area for increased strength.


A premium grade plywood, both sides have an A-grade surface that features a smooth, finished surface without knots.


If our glides or hinges stop working properly, Canada Kitchens will exchange the damaged glides and hinges without charge*

High Quality Cabinets and More!

Start your creative juices flowing with these pictures of sample kitchens

Explore these pictures and get inspired for ideas for your own kitchen. Discover stunning images for your kitchen to spark inspiration for your own design.

Learn how to avoid common design challenges

in-person, practical learning and guidance throughout your kitchen and bathroom renovations
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Measuring techniques

figure out how to design a kitchen that will really work for you
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Preplan your new room

you must consider the shape, size, flow, hookups of the room you want to remodel
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Learn how to create the perfect mood

10 steps to creating the best design
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Don't forget about proper lighting

Introduce customers to your shop with lifestyle and product imagery
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Find your style and inspiration

we can help guide you through the renovation process
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Inhouse Designs - 2D & 3D

Design help included FREE

Design help included FREE

We offer free designs with every purchase. Our team of skilled interior designers know how best to use our products to meet your needs.

Multiple class offerings

Combine your cabinet purchase for your renovation project at home with an in-person, hands-on learning experince that not not only teaches and guides you to learn to install these cabinets yourself, but these multi-day classes are also offered deeply disounted and they have a variety of topics that will help you make your way through DIY'ing your dream kitchen and bathroom too!

Keep scrolling and you can click on available classes, our 2 day Installing Kitchen Cabinets class or check out our numerous class options to get you started.

Transform your kitchen or bathroom with confidence and skill in one of our multi-day classes! Learn how to install your own kitchen cabinets in just 2 days or take a more comprehensive approach with multiple classes. With hands-on instruction and losts of practice time in the training center, you’ll be well on your way to creating your dream projects, just like a pro!

Contact us at for any questions on next steps to start the process of ordering cabinets for your next home renovation project.