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Start to build your tool kit

Start to build your tool kit

Unsure about what tools to purchase as a newbie DIY'er? We can help!  These power tools provide a solid foundation for beginners learning DIY skills or embarking on home improvement projects. Each tool offers unique capabilities and benefits, empowering users to tackle a wide range of tasks with confidence and efficiency.

Cordless Drill/Driver

  • Usage: A cordless drill/driver is essential for drilling holes and driving screws into various materials like wood, metal, and plastic.
  • Benefits: Its versatility makes it useful for a wide range of projects, from assembling furniture to DIY home repairs. The cordless feature offers portability and flexibility, allowing users to work in different locations without being tethered to a power outlet. 

Random Orbital Sander

  • Usage: A random orbital sander is used for smoothing and finishing surfaces, such as wood, metal, and plastic, by removing imperfections and rough edges.
  • Benefits: It provides a smooth finish without leaving swirl marks or scratches, making it ideal for woodworking projects, refinishing furniture, and preparing surfaces for painting or staining. Its random orbital motion reduces the risk of sanding marks, resulting in professional-looking results. 
Circular Saw
  • Usage: A circular saw is designed for making straight and angled cuts in various materials, including wood, plywood, and particleboard.
  • Benefits: It is a versatile tool for cutting lumber, plywood sheets, and other materials with precision and efficiency. Its portable design allows users to tackle projects in different locations, making it suitable for construction, woodworking, and home improvement tasks.
  • Usage: A jigsaw is used for cutting curves, straight lines, and intricate shapes in wood, plastic, metal, and other materials.
  • Benefits: It is ideal for cutting curves and irregular shapes that are challenging to achieve with other power saws. Its maneuverability and versatility make it suitable for various applications, including crafting, DIY projects, and home repairs.
  • Usage: A multi-tool is a versatile handheld device that combines several functions in one, such as sanding, cutting, scraping, and grinding.
  • Benefits: It offers flexibility and convenience for a wide range of tasks, including detail work, trimming, and sanding in tight spaces. With interchangeable accessories, users can tackle different materials and applications, making it an essential tool for DIY enthusiasts and professionals alike. Its compact size and multifunctionality make it a valuable addition to any toolbox.
Looking to purchase? We found some links to some great tools that you might like for your home tool box! See our list of recommendations below:
DIY Tip! When you are choosing battery power tools, ensure to stick with one brand so then your battery packs and chargers can be used on multiple tools.

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And don't forget now that you've got your tools, you need to learn how to use them. Head on over to our Starter Power Tools classes on our website.  Become confident with power tools so you can start your home DIY projects. 

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