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EDMONTON PRE-SALE STARTS MONDAY SEPT 10TH. Questions about our classes? Check out our FAQ
EDMONTON PRE-SALE STARTS MONDAY SEPT 10TH. Questions about our classes? Check out our FAQ


I’m new to DIY.  What class should I start with?

It’s up to you!  We have starter classes that will get you going to get your comfort level up in using power tools.  All of our classes are introductions to the topic so while some can get quite in-depth, all are very focused on as much hands-on practice as possible.  We always advise to focus the training class on the projects that you are ready to start or the topic you are MOST interested in!

What are the differences between all the multi-day classes?

It's very simple, our multi-day classes are a select number of our individual classes grouped together over a set number of days.  By taking them together, you not only get some intense training over a number of days, you get them at a reduced price as well over the regular pricing.

Renovation ACCELERATOR and Renovation MAXIMIZER are exactly the same with ONE exception.  The Accelerator class also includes a day of Wire Your Basement.  So if you like the class list of Framing Walls, Installing Drywall, Installing Doors, Bathroom Fixtures and Introductions to Tiling, Flooring & Finishing but don’t want the electrical part, then sign up for the Maximizer over the Accelerator.

We run these once per month.

FRAMING WALLS and BATHROOM FIXTURES combo classes are 2 days and are offered both over 2 weekdays but also a weekend as well.  Usually offered once or twice per month.

Our newest 3-day multi-day class is our Renovation OPTIMIZER.  Think of this offering more for finishes vs building out your basement.  5 classes over 3 days with a huge discount over individual class prices is a big draw for people to come to our OPTIMIZER.  We usually offer this once per month.

If you like the idea of our Renovation KICKSTARTER Ladies multi-day class but are not interested in the women's only option, we now have the Renovation BOOSTER with the exact same classes and price!

Tiling Fundaments are for people that are looking for more of a deep dive into their tiling learning experience over our ½ day Introduction to Tiling class.  2 days later and you’ll be over the moon confident to start your tiling project.

Can I get a refund or reschedule if I can’t make it to my class?

We have a refund and rescheduling policy.  Read through it here:

Do I have to take a power tools class first?

We always say while not mandatory, if you are not comfortable with using power tools yet, take the class so that you have that extra confidence with your next classes!