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EDMONTON PRE-SALE STARTS MONDAY SEPT 10TH. Questions about our classes? Check out our FAQ
EDMONTON PRE-SALE STARTS MONDAY SEPT 10TH. Questions about our classes? Check out our FAQ


Accelerate your reno's with our Multi-Day WORKSHOPS!

Select our 6 Day Renovation ACCELERATOR Workshop Monday to Saturday and receive the following classes:

  • Framing Walls (Monday)
  • Installing Drywall (Tuesday)
  • Installing Doors (Tuesday)
  • Wire Your Basement (Wednesday)
  • Bathroom Fixtures (Thursday & Friday)
  • Introduction to Tiling (Friday)
  • Introduction to Flooring (Saturday)
  • Introduction to Finishing Carpentry (Saturday)

Save $740 over taking these classes individually.

If you are up to the challenge and looking for hands-on renovation training from real professionals with practical renovation knowledge, then these are the workshops for you.  We have taken all of our favorite homeowner class topics and packaged everything together into 6 concentrated days for you to maximize your effort on getting your renovations started.

Not looking for anything electrical? Go to our Renovation MAXIMIZER instead.

Class Description:

Building Walls inside your home - Topics: 

  1. laying out and planning - what to think about when you start looking at your space.
  2. wall framing - learn to set your interior walls like a PRO!
  3. boxing in duct work - building and installing those 'ladders'.
  4. creating door openings - learning to figure out those rough frame openings!
  5. hanging pre-hung doors - tips and tricks from veteran carpenters who have been hanging doors for years that will save you time and frustration.
  6. installing drywall and mudding and taping - learn to do it properly and it will make your life easier!

Wiring Your Basement Topics: 

  1. Gain the skills and knowledge to feel confident to complete your home electrical project.
  2. Tips and methods for working with cable, boxes, switches, and outlets.
  3. All the necessary tools for planning your home electrical projects.
  4. Theory:
    1. Electrical safety
    2. Reading wiring diagrams
    3. Electrical code rules
  5. Practical, hands-on exercises:
    1. Using testing equipment to measure for voltage
    2. Basement wiring including receptacles
    3. Connecting a single pole switch
  6. Most important, do's and don'ts of homeowner's electrical safety.

     Bathroom Fixtures Topics: 

    1. demo - yes, there are steps to think about before you start!
    2. standard plumbing - one step at a time, learn to update your plumbing.
    3. drywall - proper drywall installation.  Yes, there is blue & green & tile board!
    4. fixtures installations - follow our steps to install your toilet, sink and shower!
    5. vanity - we will help you whether you are replacing a vanity or installing a brand new one.

     Home Improvement Topics: 

    1. Introductions to Power Tools – beginners or advanced, instruction and practice, practice!
    2. Introduction to Tiling – steps and tips and tricks.
    3. Introduction to Finishing Carpentry - baseboards and casing: outside corners, inside corners, mitres!
    4. Introduction to Flooring - vinyl plank flooring is a popular homeowner's product that works throughout your home. 

    Interested in individual topics instead? Check out our Framing Walls, Introduction to Installing Drywall, Installing Pre-Hung Doors, Wire Your Basement, Bathroom Fixtures, Bathroom Electrical or Introductions to Tiling, Finishing Carpentry, Flooring & Power Tools classes.

    NEW ** want additional practice time using power tools before you class? Purchase Introduction to Power Tools at the same time and receive 50% off the power tools class.  Use discount code POWERTOOLS50.

    Both my husband and I were blown away by both the Electrical and the Renovation Maximizer courses. In one week we learned how to (take a deep breath)…properly do an electrical installation, use power tools safely, put up stud framing, insulate and vapor barrier, put up drywall, hang a door, finish casing and baseboards, take out and install a bathtub, toilet and vanity, do basic plumbing installations, properly waterproof a tub surround, lay down flooring, and tile, as well as learning what tools and products are best for the job. Phew! I cannot say enough about the knowledge, skill, and generosity of the teachers. This is going to save us a lot of money! I would absolutely recommend the DIY Training Center.  

    Ivonne P. Student Aug 2022

    Sign up today!  All tools and materials are supplied for each class at the training center.


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    Are you and a family member planning a renovation and you want to learn
    together?  We make learning affordable with one regular registration, sign
    up for a 2nd person for half price! Simply add a quantity of 2 for that product
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