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Light Fixtures & Switches

Ready to change your light fixtures? Or update your switches?  How about adding a dimmer switch?

A light fixture can be the focal point of any room, but there always comes a time when you may want to change it up! Or don't let those old colored switch plates irritate you any further as we now have a class that will show you how you can replace them! maybe perhaps you would like to change the mood in your room by adding a dimmer to your switch. There is no need for you to call an electrician or handyman to get the project done for you. Let us pass on this knowledge to you and help take away the fear of small electrical projects in your home.  

You will walk away from this class with:

  • an understanding how to change an existing light fixture with a new one, whether it be a ceiling light or a wall sconce
  • an understanding how to install a dimmer light switch and 3 way switches replacement

(Please note, ceiling fans are not part of this class.)

Join others and learn the basic skills you need to take on your DIY electrical projects.  Come to our classes to receive our no-nonsense guidance for practical homeowner’s electrical knowledge.  Nothing beats hands-on, instruction from expert instructors!  This class is designed to specifically meet the needs of homeowner’s and DIY’ers looking to increase their electrical skills to take on some of the simpler projects in their homes. 

Sign up today!  All tools and materials are supplied for each class at the training center. We recommend an Introduction to Power Tools class first if you are not yet confident with power tools or have never used them.

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