Introduction To Flooring

Do you want to install new flooring in your home without spending thousands on a contractor? Learn to do it yourself from experts at the DIY Training Center.

Explore the different types of laminate and vinyl flooring products and learn techniques to get through the tricky parts when starting those first few rows or finishing around corners. We will discuss the options on how you can prepare a wood subfloor, installing over concrete or right over existing flooring.  Plus learn about installing a floating floor.  Great for the DIY’er as this means no adhesive, nails or staples!

If you could save $3,275 by installing your own flooring, would you?  Read more and we will break down the numbers so you can see exactly how you can save around 64% of the cost of using a contractor.

DIY VS Contractor costs!

For our example, we are utilizing 500 SQ FT of flooring (a main room with 2 bedrooms)

As a contractor, our price would be $5099, to supply and install including GST.  Here is the breakdown:

  • $500 - Demo flooring (carpet – it would cost more if the existing flooring was tile!)
  • $132 - Demo baseboards - (people forget about this extra cost so we show it here)
  • $1250 - Install luxury vinyl plank flooring
  • $2000 - Flooring cost (mid grade material, marked up)
  • $875 - Supply and install baseboards, including paint.
  • $100 - Supplies

DIY cost $1825.  Here is the breakdown

  • $25 - Demo flooring and baseboards (dump cost)
  • $1500 - Flooring material cost (You can find some great products at around $3 per SQ FT)
  • $200 - Baseboards and paint
  • $100 - Supplies

Sample estimates are based on basic work performed in serviceable conditions by qualified professionals using standard materials. Actual costs and savings will depend on your job size, conditions etc.  The DIY Training Center does not guarantee the savings that you may experience.  You may need to take more advanced courses to learn to complete your flooring project on your own. We are showing the numbers based on what our charges would be as a professional renovation general contractor.