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Introduction to Deck Building

Want to build a deck and relax in your backyard?

Then your decking project starts here.  Give your backyard the deck it deserves!

Is it time for a new deck, but you’re delaying because contractor costs will be out of your reach for this project?  Are you thinking that you can SAVE money by doing it yourself but have no idea where to start?  If you are looking for answers to the question on how to build a classic deck, then you are at the right place!

Don’t waste endless hours searching the internet for the answers and watching a video hundred times to catch how the presenter is doing something. Learn yourself from the pros at the DIY Training Center.  All of our classes at the DIY Training Center are hands-on learning where you participate in all aspects of building a deck from start to finish.  Topics include:

  • planning
  • materials
  • foundation
  • framing
  • decking boards
  • stairs and railings

You will walk away from this day course with a solid understanding of deck building and the confidence to get yours started today.

Sign up below and get that deck started!




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