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Homeowner's Maintenance

Home Carpentry Skills 

Not everything needs to be done by hiring a handyman! If you want to fix your home by yourself then you can do it with our Homeowner's Maintenance course.

DIY home repair skills can save you hundreds of $$$, but you have to know what you are doing.  While watching YouTube videos can be helpful, it doesn’t compare to hands-on learning experiences to help you develop the skills you need to manage your own home maintenance.  Even if you are a beginner or novice when it comes to home repair, all you need is a little know-how and handyperson training.  Believe in yourself that you can start to look after your TO DO list and take care of your own home!

Potential topics of discussion:

  • Learn the correct tools for the job
  • Drywall repairs
  • Door repairs (sticky doors, broken hinges, not catching etc)
  • Caulking and grout fixing
  • Basic plumbing repairs
  • Mounting and hanging on walls (TV's/shelves/pictures)
  • Basic home fixups!

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Want to learn with another FAMILY MEMBER for only an additional $67?  Select the dates that you wish for your class and add your regular registration to the checkout.  Then go to Bring Your Partner on the product page and select the appropriate pricing box and add to your checkout as well.  Adding this product registers the spot for your 2nd family member too.  Making family members learning renovation AFFORDABLE!




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