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Maximize Your Green Space: DIY Vertical Gardens with Planter Boxes

Maximize Your Green Space: DIY Vertical Gardens with Planter Boxes

Elevate Your Garden: Fun DIY Vertical Projects!

Hello Green Enthusiasts!

Want to create a lush garden but constrained by space? Vertical gardens are a fantastic solution to bring life to any vertical surface, and DIY planter boxes are the key to getting started. Whether you’re dreaming of a wall of greenery or a compact herb garden, here’s how you can use planter boxes to create vertical gardens that thrive.

Benefits of Using Planter Boxes in Vertical Gardens 

Planter boxes offer a structured way to organize plants vertically. They can be mounted on walls, arranged on shelves, or hung from balconies, providing a versatile base for a variety of plants.

Choosing Your Planter Boxes 

Start by deciding on the size and number of planter boxes you need. Consider the type of plants you wish to grow—herbs, flowers, or small vegetables—and ensure the boxes provide adequate depth and drainage.

Plant Selection for Vertical Gardens 

Opt for plants that are known for their vertical growing ability or those that can thrive in confined spaces. Cascading plants like ivy, creeping Jenny, and some types of ferns are great for adding visual interest and fullness.

Watering and Maintenance 

Vertical gardens can dry out quickly. Set up a drip irrigation system within the planter boxes to ensure consistent moisture. Alternatively, choose self-watering planter boxes to reduce maintenance.

DIY Tip! Use a combination of different sized planter boxes to create a visually appealing layout. Mixing and matching sizes can help accommodate various plant types and contribute to an aesthetically pleasing arrangement.

Build Your Own Planter Boxes in Our DIY Class

Ready to dive into the world of vertical gardening but need a sturdy, stylish planter box? Join our DIY Planter Box class! In this "Make & Take" style class, you’ll learn how to build a 17"x17" cedar planter box, perfect for any vertical gardening project. Our class covers all aspects of box construction—from safely using power tools to choosing the right wood and mastering the assembly. The best part? You get to take your creation home!

Let’s Build & Grow! Join Our Planter Box Class Today!

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Let’s get building and turn those green dreams into lush realities!

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