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Weekender BATHROOM

Ready to START your bathroom renovation but first are looking for some guidance and advice before you get started? 

Select our 2 Days Weekday BATHROOM Workshop Saturday and Sunday(or another combination of weekend days) and receive the following classes:

  • Bathroom Fixtures (Saturday & Sunday)
  • Introduction to Tiling (Sunday)

Let the professionals at the DIY Training Center help you with some guidance, planning and hands-on training for your renovation project! 

Save $ over taking these classes individually.

Combine with Weekender FRAMING WALLS Combo and save even more!


Just think about how you are going to feel as you walk into a fresh, new, modern bathroom that you renovated YOURSELF?

Come join us as we cover some of the main aspects that you will need to go through when you remodel your bathroom.  We’ll train you by going through all the basics of going through the demo, drywall install and removal/installation/hook-ups of fixtures such as your toilet, facet, vanity, shower, bathtub and tiling.

Get started on your bathroom reno by starting in our training center. 

Click through the pictures to see the classes in action and then SIGN up below TODAY! 

Class description:
1. demo - yes, there are steps to think about before you start!
2. drywall - proper drywall installation.  Yes, there is blue & green & tile board!
3. fixtures hookups- follow our steps to install your toilet, sink, bath and shower!
4. vanity - we will help you whether you are replacing a vanity or installing a brand new one.
5. tiling - learn all the basics of starting your tile job with lots of practice time.  

NEW ** purchase Introduction to Flooring at the same time and save $50 off the flooring class.  Use discount code FLOORINGSAVE50.

NEW ** want additional practice time using power tools before you class? Purchase Introduction to Power Tools at the same time and receive 50% off the power tools class.  Use discount code POWERTOOLS50.

 Are you and a family member planning a renovation and you want to learn together?  We make learning affordable with one regular registration, sign up for a 2nd person for half price! Simply add a quantity of 2 for that product in your cart and add the discount code FAMILY in your checkout. (Cannot be combined with other offers.)

NEW** Get your TOOL RENTALS now from the DIY Training Center. Find it on our top menu. HELPING you get your DIY started!


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