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Kickstart Your Renovation

Are you ready to empower yourself ? Learn directly from Pros at DIY Training Center with our upcoming renovation course, where you will learn all the tricks of the trade in home renovations.

We understand that renovation projects can be both daunting and expensive for homeowners.  You really need to put together a plan, budget and know how much effort is going to be required to make this project happen.  This is where the DIY Training Center steps in.  Colin and his team will take you through many aspects of different tasks for numerous renovations in your home.  He will guide you through:

  • an introduction to power tools
  • discuss estimating for time and materials for your job
  • laying out and designing
  • introductions to flooring, tiling, finishing carpentry and plumbing. 

Instruction and plenty of time to practice will have you on your way to starting your own DIY projects in your home. 

Sign up below and get a kickstart to your renovation projects!




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