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2 for 1 tickets to the Edmonton Home and Garden Show. Use DIYTRAINING discount code.
2 for 1 tickets to the Edmonton Home and Garden Show. Use DIYTRAINING discount code.

Basic Home Electrical Ladies!

Have you lost that spark 💥 at home?  Come to the DIY training center and we'll light 💡 you up!

Designed to be a women's only class where you can learn the basic skills you need to take on your DIY electrical projects.  Come to our classes to receive our no-nonsense guidance for practical homeowner’s electrical knowledge.  Nothing beats hands-on, instruction from expert instructors!  This class is designed to specifically meet the needs of homeowner’s and DIY’ers looking to increase their electrical skills to take on some of the simpler projects in their homes. 

Helping homeowners like yourselves with their electrical projects are our newest class offerings! Prefer to start your training in a safe and unintimidating environment with other women like yourself that want to start learning new skills? We've setup a class every month for just you! DIY home repair skills can save you hundreds of $$$, but you have to know what you are doing.  While watching online videos can be helpful, it doesn’t compare to hands-on learning experiences to help you develop the skills you need to manage your own home maintenance.  

Are you ready to empower yourself? Learn directly from Pros at DIY Training Center with our upcoming renovation course, where you will learn all the tricks of the trade in home renovations and home maintenance.

Your biggest take-way from this class is that you will learn how to make electrical improvements that are safe and code compliant.

Basic Home Electrical Topics: 

  1. Gain the skills and knowledge to feel confident to complete your home electrical project.
  2. All the necessary tools for planning your home electrical projects.
  3. Theory:
    1. Electrical safety
    2. Electrical code rules
  4. Practical, hands-on exercises:
    1. Using testing equipment to measure for voltage
    2. Change lighting configuration (Vanity light over mirrors/wall sconce or standard light)
    3. Changing out electrical outlets and faceplates
    4. Updating a recepticle to GFCI and AFCI
    5. Adding a timer to your fan and a dimmer to a switch
    6. Most important, do's and don'ts of homeowner's electrical safety.

Sign up today!  All tools and materials are supplied for each class at the training center. We recommend an Introduction to Power Tools class first if you are not yet confident with power tools or have never used them. 

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