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Basement Development Next Steps

NEW *** Have you taken our Start Your Basement Development course and want to keep on learning MORE to continue your basement?  Here it is then... our newest addition to our courses lineup!

Come join us as we continue covering some of the main aspects that you will need to go through when you are working on your basement development.  You will receive HANDS-ON training for learning the main principles of framing for hanging doors, installing drywall, learning basics of mudding and taping and finishing carpentry.

We provide an experience into your renovation journey…not just a class of lecturing.

Click through the pictures to see the classes in action and then SIGN up below TODAY to get your basement started NOW!

Class Description:
1. hanging doors - tips and tricks from veteran carpenters who have been hanging doors for years that will save you time and frustration.
2. installing drywall and mudding and taping - learn to do it properly and it will make your life easier.
3. finishing carpentry - introduction to baseboards and casing - outside corners, inside corners, mitres, coping!

Just IMAGINE your finished basement after all your hard work and effort!! 

But first, let the professionals at the DIY Training Center help you with some guidance, planning and hands-on training before you start your basement development project!

Want to learn with another FAMILY MEMBER for only an additional $67?  Select the dates that you wish for your class and add your regular registration to the checkout.  Then go to Bring Your Partner on the product page and select the appropriate pricing box and add to your checkout as well.  Adding this product registers the spot for your 2nd family member too.  Making family members learning renovation AFFORDABLE!

Words from our students:

"Took the basement development course a few weeks ago. Showed me how to start and the basics on how to build walls, insulation, drywall installation, door installation. Totally worth it. Saved me a lot of time in figuring out how to do things. Would strongly recommend."  Eric. G 

Buy BOTH Start Your Basement Development AND Basement Development Next Steps and SAVE $$$. Use discount code BASEMENTBONUS in the checkout -> ->

*** All course ending times are approximate.  The length of each course/day depends on how many students are registered and how many questions are asked!  



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