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Introduction to Homeowner's Electrical

Is it time for some electrical projects in your home? Do you want to wire your new basement walls? Update a light fixture in your bathroom? Or maybe modify to a 3-way switch for your family room lighting? Taking on these DIY projects are a big commitment when you are unsure where to start, but you know that you want to enhance your space. 

Helping homeowners like yourselves with your electrical projects are our newest class offerings!

Learn the basic skills you need to take on your DIY electrical projects.  Come to our classes to receive our no-nonsense guidance for practical homeowner’s electrical knowledge.  Nothing beats hands-on, instruction from expert instructors!  This class is designed to specifically meet the needs of homeowner’s and DIY’ers looking to increase their electrical skills to take on some of the simpler projects in their homes. 

Your biggest take-way from this class is that you will learn how to make electrical improvements that are safe and code compliant.

Here’s what you learn over this 2-day, homeowner’s electrical class:

  • Gain the skills and knowledge to feel confident to complete your home electrical project.
  • Tips and methods for working with cable, boxes, switches, and outlets
  • All the necessary tools for planning your home electrical projects
  • Theory:
    • Electrical safety
    • Reading schematics and wiring diagrams
    • Electrical code rules
  • Practical, hands-on exercises:
    • Using testing equipment to measure for voltage
    • Basement wiring including receptacles
    • Circuits including single, 3 and 4-way switching
    • Kitchen and bathroom wiring
    • Adding new circuits to an existing breaker panel
    • Wiring with new walls and finished walls too!
  • Most important, do’s and don’ts of homeowner’s electrical safety.

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