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Introduction to Power Tools

This workshop is designed for the DIY enthusiasts that have never previously used power tools or have limited experience with power tools.

You are never too young or too old to empower yourself with the skills to do-it-yourself – whether it be for maintaining and doing your own repairs around your home or for learning a new skill.

The beginners Power Tools workshop looks at various drills, mitre saws, portable table saws, air-nailers, routers, jig saws, planers and circular saws. All the portable and hand power tools in Colin’s toolbox at the DIY Training Center.

Overcome your fears and frustrations and join our DIY Community. Here you will find the same kind of people as you…motivated and ACTION takers.  No lectures. We promise. These are hands-on learning workshops!

We started the DIY Training Center, because as renovation contractors, we were listening to our customers, and hearing you tell us that there were projects that you wanted to try on your own but just needed that little bit of knowledge or that little bit of encouragement to push you to take the leap and try it on your own. This is where the DIY Training Center steps in.

Sign up and start your renos today! 

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Use LEARNITALL25 discount code on the checkout page when you select and register for all the following 6 classes:

Introduction to Power Tools

Introduction to Tiling

Introduction to Flooring

Start Your Basement Development

Basement Development Next Steps

Reno Your Bathroom

Have a 2nd family member that you want to register as well?  Send us an email after you register and we’ll let you know how they can attend too for the whopping discounted price of $299.



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